Скачать Linea Pura №4 2011

Автор: Nell_1 от 8 февраля 2012, 16:49 | Тип урока: журнал
Linea Pura №4 2011

A growing enthusiasm for the green lifestyle. Handknitting yarn manufactured in an environmentally correct fashion is suitable for the catwalk! No longer is the cliche surrounding ecofashion accurate: bag-like and colorless. On the contrary: innovative design, current looks and modern styles show up in eco-fashion today. You will see from the looks in the collection LINEA PURA how chic, elegant, casual or sexy knitwear can be made from environmentally friendly materials. Enjoy nature with your very own style!

Стильный журнал по вязанию оригинальных и эксклюзивных женских моделей одежды из натуральных высококачественных волокон.